Administrative Services

Need professional secretarial and administrative services? We can provide you and your business with the support you require to get the job done, no matter what you need assistance with.

Want letters put into envelopes?

Need someone to take minutes for that important meeting?

Do you have a transcript (audio or hand-written) you need typed?

Does that document need re-typing and formatting properly?

Need some photocopying and collating done?

We do data entry as well..


CV and Job Application Package

A CV (curriculum vitae – Latin for ‘life story’) or resume is a written summary of your personal, educational and work history.  It covers your strengths and achievements and is designed to appeal to an employer.

It is your personal sales tool, an advertisement to sell yourself to an employer.  You should send a CV to an employer when they ask for one in a job advertisement, or when you are inquiring if any jobs are available.

Cost: Packages range from $180 (incl GST) through to $210 (incl GST). Prices may vary depending on level of CV required.